GEO Continuum of Care®

The GEO Continuum of Care is enhanced in-custody offender rehabilitation programming, including cognitive behavioral treatment, integrated with post–release support services.




30,000+ Daily Participating in Evidence Based programming Worldwide


12,000 GEDs

In the past ten years, GEO has awarded more than 12,000 GEDs through the company’s in-prison academic programs


73,000 Inmates

Over the last decade, approximately 73,000 inmates have achieved completion certificates from a variety of GEO vocational programs.


110,000 Inmates

Through GEO’s treatment services, over 110,000 inmates have completed substance abuse and therapeutic programs in the last decade.

In-Custody Programming

Starting programming while individuals are in-custody and transitioning to community-based programs upon release, facilitates consistency in treatment and promotes effectiveness in reducing recidivism.

The goal of the in-custody evidence-based programming is to facilitate a successful transition to life at home, continue their treatment at a day reporting center, and maximize the impact of programs delivered to reduce recidivism. After assessing risks and needs of inmates in the jail or prison and initiating programming while in-custody, the transition to a community-based program is seamless and behavior change is expedited.


Academic Programming

GEO's Enhanced Academic Programs Include:

Use of SMART Board Technology

Customized Learning Through Individual Education Plans

Dynamic Grouping

Technology Based Learning

Engaged Learning Model

Adult Learner-Centered Approach

Technology Integration Zones

Collaborative Learning Communities

Academic Dorms

Technology Based Learning Labs

Small Class Sizes

Learning & Testing Labs

Differentiated Learning Groups

GEO's Academic Courses Include:

English as a Second Language (ESL)


Special Education



Vocational Programming

GEO's Vocational Programs Include:

Career and Technical Education with Workforce Job Opportunities

National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) Certification

Professional Portfolio Development

Partnerships with Community Employers

Vocational Licensing

On the Job Training Opportunities

Mock Interviews

Project Based Learning

Job Fairs

Nationally Recognized Certification Tracks

GEO's Vocational Licenses Include:

Custodial Maintenance




Building Trades

Auto Mechanics



Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Small Engine Repair



Culinary Arts

Computer Repair



Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Programs

Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions-Substance Abuse (CBI-SA)

Success Planning

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Cognitive Restructuring

Problem Solving

Thinking for a Change (T4C)

Emotional Regulation

Individual Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Sessions (ICBT)

Cognitive Self Change

Faith-Based Services


Modified Therapeutic Community Model

Religion Specific Programming

Religious Accomodation

Pro-Social Modeling

Faith & Character Based Housing Units

Substance Abuse


Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

Gender Responsive Trauma-Informed Care


Living in Balance

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions-Substance Abuse (CBI-SA)

Post-Release Support Services

Through the GEO Continuum of Care we offer a nationwide capability to treat and support culturally unique, vulnerable populations through intensive in-custody, residential, and community-based treatment and support services.The GEO approach offers programs tailored to pretrial, parole, probation, in-custody populations and those involved in immigration proceedings. The programs vary from in-custody and intensive residential treatment, to community-based correctional services and day reporting centers.


Transition Planning

Post-Release Residency

Identification Needs

Financial Needs

Employment Opportunities

Telephone Contact Information

Educational Status

Family Contact Information



Case Management

Risk Assessment

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

Development of Treatment Plan

Advance Skill Practice

Periodic Re-assessment & Monitoring

Pre-Transitional Planning

Treatment Evaluation

Post-Release Support

24-Hour Call Center

Day Reporting Centers

Faith-Based Support

Case Manager Support

GEO has implemented a number of unique and innovative programs:

Australia’s Ravenhall Correctional Centre Delivering GEO Continuum of Care


Ravenhall Correctional Centre is redefining the role of prisons through the delivery of the GEO Continuum of Care services provided by The GEO Group. The Department of Justice in the State of Victoria, Australia awarded the project to design, build, finance, and manage Ravenhall Correctional Centre to the GEO Consortium in September 2014.

The new Ravenhall Correctional Centre provides unprecedented levels of in-prison and post-release programs aimed at reducing recidivism and helping individuals reintegrate into society. The centre and GEO will have a unified commitment to providing new approaches to reducing recidivism.

Key features of centre include a 75-bed Forensic Mental Health Unit and a 25-bed Close Supervision Unit, allowing for the safe and effective management of prisoners with mental health disorders and challenging behaviors; intensive evidence-based programs including the innovative use of in-cell IT-delivered programming; and collaborative partnerships with community based organizations to assist with the successful reintegration of individuals into society.

Construction of the 1,300-bed facility began in early 2015 and was completed in late-2017.


McFarland Gender Responsive Programs


GEO and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation signed a contract in 2014 to reopen the GEO-owned McFarland Community Reentry Facility located in McFarland, CA. The facility houses female inmates and is designed to provide enhanced rehabilitation and recidivism reduction programs designed specifically for women. Implementing the GEO Continuum of Care model, the McFarland facility provides enhanced rehabilitation and recidivism reduction programs, including evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatment, GED and Adult Basic Education, Life Skills programs and inmate work and training programs.

GEO partnered with internationally recognized gender responsive consultants to implement the gender-specific programming. The goals are to provide a safe environment where female inmates are treated with dignity, respect, and receive effective gender-responsive services. The women are provided treatment and services that increase their chances for successful reintegration into their communities upon release.


Unique Transition Case Manager Approach at Graceville Correctional Facility


Graceville Correctional Facility has implemented an intensive case management program to facilitate successful inmate transition to the community. Each inmate within 12 months of release is matched with a highly skilled case manager. In bi-weekly one-on-one cognitive behavior sessions, the pair work on lowering criminological needs and transition planning. Inmates are first assessed based on their risk index, or “Risk to Recidivate”. Individual needs and goals are determined from the results of the assessment to develop their transition case plan.

This is a pilot program for GEO Continuum of Care that began in July 2015. Marcey Watson, Classification Manager and the supervisor of the Transition Case Managers, believes this approach will be implemented in other facilities due to the postive impact it is having at Graceville. The facility has had an increase in positive behavior and inmates have called back after their release to let the facility know of the success they’re experiencing in the community due to their participation in the program.

Ms. Watson expressed how wonderful it is to be involved in this Continuum of Care pilot that allows them to contribute to inmates’ transition into the community. “We’re giving the inmates the tools they need to be successful and it will reduce recidivism. We are very excited to be a part of this program.”