GEO's Global Human Rights Policy

human rightsThe GEO Group has always been committed to protecting the Human Rights of the persons entrusted to its care. Recognizing the unique nature of its operations and the significance of its relationships with government agencies, GEO has adopted a Global Human Rights policy.

In that policy, GEO acknowledged the unique nature of its operations as a service provider of corrections, residential treatment, and monitoring related services to governmental entities, and the significant role that respect for human rights plays in those operations.The principles in GEO's Global Human Rights policy have been informed by reference to such third-party organizations as the United Nations and such instruments as its Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization's 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The maintenance of a human rights policy is an evolving process, and The GEO Group strives to continuously engage in an ongoing assessment of its implementation and impact on its own and in consultation with stakeholders, and, where practicable, refine it to further promote the principles it contains.