GEO Continuum of Care®

The GEO Continuum of Care is enhanced in-custody offender rehabilitation programming, including cognitive behavioral treatment, integrated with post–release support services.



30,000+ Daily Participating in Evidence Based programming Worldwide

12,000 GEDs

In the past ten years, GEO has awarded more than 12,000 GEDs through the company’s in-prison academic programs

73,000 Inmates

Over the last decade, approximately 73,000 inmates have achieved completion certificates from a variety of GEO vocational programs.

110,000 Inmates

Through GEO’s treatment services, over 110,000 inmates have completed substance abuse and therapeutic programs in the last decade.

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In-Custody Programming

Starting programming while individuals are in-custody and transitioning to community-based programs upon release, facilitates consistency in treatment and promotes effectiveness in reducing recidivism.

The goal of the in-custody evidence-based programming is to facilitate a successful transition to life at home, continue their treatment at a day reporting center, and maximize the impact of programs delivered to reduce recidivism. After assessing risks and needs of inmates in the jail or prison and initiating programming while in-custody, the transition to a community-based program is seamless and behavior change is expedited.


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Post-Release Support Services

Through the GEO Continuum of Care we offer a nationwide capability to treat and support culturally unique, vulnerable populations through intensive in-custody, residential, and community-based treatment and support services.The GEO approach offers programs tailored to pretrial, parole, probation, and in-custody populations. The programs vary from in-custody and intensive residential treatment, to community-based correctional services and day reporting centers.