Our Dedication To Exceeding Quality Compliance & Standards

The GEO Group is fully committed to operating our facilities and programs at the highest level of quality, providing safe, secure, and humane environments for our staff, those in our custody and care, and the communities in which we operate. GEO believes in providing services of which both our company and our clients would be proud. In order to provide that level of quality and safety on a consistent schedule, GEO operates pursuant to and in compliance with strict governmental standards, national accreditation and certification standards, medical accreditation agencies, educational agencies and the requirements of our government customers. These standards may be required by our contracts or not; those in excess of contractual requirements reflect GEO’s desire to lead in the industry and are commitments to go above and beyond that which is required.

GEO strives to achieve the highest operational standards for its correctional facilities, processing centers, and reentry centers. GEO’s facilities are managed pursuant to the contractual requirements set by each respective contracting agency as well as standards set by applicable third-party accreditation agencies, including but not limited to, the American Correctional Association (ACA), the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, The Commission on Jail Standards, The Joint Commission on Healthcare, and The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Contract Compliance team has developed meaningful audit tools based on GEO Corporate and Divisional policies and our client policies and standards. Using those tools, a team of Compliance-led auditors travel to facilities and sites across the country, conducting annual reviews using a subject matter experts and reviewing all standards applicable to each specific operation.This annual review is conducted at all GEO facilities every year. In addition, a follow-up review is conducted at each of our GEO Secure Services facilities. The department specializes in specific areas that cross divisions which include American Correctional Association (ACA) and Prison Rape Eliminiation Act.

American Correctional Association (ACA)

American Correctional Association (ACA) accreditation is intended to improve facility operations through adherence to clear standards relevant to all areas of the operation of correctional facilities, processing centers, and reentry centers, including safety, security, order, inmate care, programs, justice, and administration. The Director of Accreditation & Contract Compliance’s staff facilitate the accreditation process from initial contact through assessment, contracting, preparation, the accreditation audit, and lastly the appearance before the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections panel for a final accreditation decision.

The GEO Group is committed to achieving ACA accreditation at all qualifying facilities. All GEO facilities that qualify to be accredited are now accredited or in the process of seeking accreditation. As new facilities join GEO, either through new contract awards or through acquisitions, they are placed on a schedule for initial accreditation within 18 months.

Adelanto ICE Processing Center 99.60%
Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility 100%
Arapahoe County Residential Center 100%
Aurora ICE Processing Center 99.7%
Beaumont Transitional Center 100%
Blackwater River Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 100%
Brooks County Detention Center 99.65%
Bronx Community Re-entry Center 100%
Broward Transitional Center 100%
Casper Reentry Center 100%
Central Arizona Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 99.5%
Central Louisiana ICE Processing Center 99.3%
Chester County 100%
Coastal Bend Detention Center 100%
Community Alternatives of The Black Hills 100%
Community Alternatives of El Paso 100%
Cordova Center 100%
Delaney Hall 100%
Eagle Pass Detention Facility 99.3%
East Hidalgo Detention Center 98.5%
El Centro Detention Facility 99%
El Monte Center 100%
Florence West Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 99%
Folkston ICE Processing Center 99.3%
Grossman Center 100%
Heritage Trail Correctional Facility 99.5%
Joe Corley Processing Center 97.9%
Karnes County Detention Facilty 99%
Kingman Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 98.6%
Kinney County Detention Center 98.56%
Las Vegas Community Correctional Center 100%
Lawrenceville Correctional Center 100%
Lawton Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 99.3%
Lea County Correctional Facility 99.7%
Leidel Residential Re-Entry Center 100%
Long Beach Community Reentry Center 100%
Marvin Gardens Center 100%
Mesa Verde ICE Processing Center 98.1%
Mid Valley House 100%
Midtown Center 99.5%
Montgomery Processing Center 100%
Moore Haven Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 100%
Moshannon Valley Correctional Center 100%
New Castle Correctional Facility 99.3%
Northwest ICE Processing Center 99.7%
Oakland Street Center 99.5%
Parkview Center 100%
Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center 99.6%
Phoenix West Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 98.6%
Reality House 99.5%
Rio Grande Processing Center 100%
Riverbend Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 99.77%
Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility 100%
Salt Lake City Center 100%
Scranton Facility 100%
South Bay Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility 99.5%
South Louisiana ICE Processing Center 100%
South Texas Transitional Center 100%
Southeast Texas Transitional Center 100%
Tampa 100%
Taylor Street Center 100%
The Harbor 100%
Tully House 100%
Val Verde County Detention Facility 100%
Western Region Detention Facility 97.56%

GEO’s Operational Record on Immigration

GEO has had a long-standing partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its predecessor agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service that dates back to mid-1980s with the opening of GEO’s Aurora ICE Processing Center.

GEO’s immigration facilities adhere to strict contractual requirements set by ICE, and the agency employs several full-time, on-site contract monitors who have a physical presence at each of GEO’s facilities. Additionally, GEO’s facilities provide office space for ICE personnel, immigration attorneys, immigration court judges, non-governmental organizations, and other constituent groups who have unfettered access to each facility.

All of GEO’s residential facilities under direct contract with ICE are audited and inspected by the agency on a routine and unannounced basis. GEO’s facilities are also independently accredited by the American Correctional Association.

GEO’s immigration facilities are reviewed by independent accreditation entities including the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. During the most recent accreditation audits conducted by the American Correctional Association, which reviews more than 529 independent standards, GEO’s facilities achieved average accreditation scores in excess of 99.7%.

Facility ACA Accreditation Score
Adelanto ICE Processing Center 99.6%
Aurora ICE Processing Center 100%
Broward Transitional Center 100%
Central Louisiana ICE Processing Center 99.3%
Folkston ICE Processing Center 100%
Joe Corley Processing Center 99.3%
Mesa Verde ICE Processing Center 99.58%
Montgomery Processing Center 100%
Northwest ICE Processing Center 100%
Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center 100%
South Louisiana ICE Processing Center 100%
South Texas ICE Processing Center 98.9%

Prison Rape Elimination Act

The GEO Group has a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. We have an aggressive and transparent process to comply with all regulations mandated under the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) as well as national standards that have been promulgated by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security to prevent, detect, and respond to sexual abuse and assault in correctional and detention facilities. We take these matters with the utmost responsibility and seriousness, and we are proud of our historically strong performance record.

When a GEO operational subsidiary, business unit or program falls within the scope of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 , GEO will comply with these regulations as required. GEO is in the third year of PREA Certification Audits and continues to successfully be certified by the independent DOJ auditors. The facilities which have been certified have met all applicable standards and frequently have exceeded standards.

GEO Facility PREA Certification Information

GEO Secure Services:

GEO Care Reentry Services Residential Reentry Facilities:

  • Aurora ICE Processing Center
  • Adelanto ICE Processing Center
  • Broward Transitional Center
  • Casper Reentry Center
  • Folkston ICE Processing Center
  • Joe Corley Processing Center
  • Kingman Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility
  • Mesa Verde ICE Processing Center
  • Northwest ICE Processing Center
  • Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center
  • Rio Grande Processing Center
  • Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility
  • South Louisiana Ice Processing Center
  • Western Region Detention Facility
  • Lawrenceville Correctional Center
  • South Bay Correctional and Rehabilitation Facilities