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In-Custody Treatment Services

In-Custody & Jail Reentry Treatment

In-custody treatment programs start the reentry process at a crucial time to help individuals be better prepared for their transition to the community. Starting treatment before release facilitates consistency in treatment and promotes effectiveness in reducing recidivism. By assessing inmate risks and needs and initiating programming while in-prison, the transition to a community-based program is seamless and behavior change is expedited.

In-Custody Treatment Program

GEO Reentry currently operates in-prison treatment services throughout the U.S. We work closely with agencies to provide reliable solutions that meet the rehabilitative needs of specific inmate populations. Services include a suite of validated assessments, comprehensive case management, structured Individual Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (ICBT) sessions, and transition planning.

Agencies carefully select candidates for the in-custody treatment program. Depending on the agency, participants can leverage successful time spent in in-prison treatment and training for early release. Staff work closely with individuals to help them progress through the program, holding them accountable for their behavior, and overseeing treatment and training that is tailored to their individual needs.

In addition, GEO Reentry recognizes the importance of gender-responsive programming to effectively meet the unique needs of female offenders. This responsive approach encourages women to take a full inventory of ‘self’, develop coping skills, rebuild a sense of self-efficacy, learn how to make responsible decisions, and be empowered to change their self-image.

Jail Reentry Programs

We recognize that jails face unique challenges in providing treatment to offenders, including short lengths of stay within the facility, large pretrial populations, and frequent security issues due to the population mix. GEO Reentry provides cognitive behavioral treatment jail reentry programs that can include program components provided within the jail. Individual services are also offered to accommodate needed security measures. Flexible solutions to adopt within the jail environment include:

  • Individual Services: Assessment, treatment planning, one-on-one treatment sessions, and self-directed journaling.
  • Group Treatment: Use of group rooms to facilitate one group at a time or blocks of programming time, depending on offender needs and movement preferences within the facility.
  • Mobile Computer Lab: A mobile computer lab can be shifted around the facility to provide computer-based GED prep services.