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Career Development and Advancement

College Accreditation Training Program

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GEO has partnered with several different Colleges and Universities to create programming that will help the employees in their personal education and strategically position GEO to provide a better service with more qualified and highly trained employees. In addition to the ACA mandated training program courses, GEO mandates 272 courses, many of which are accepted as College credits.

Due to our investment in training and higher education, it is no coincidence that the average GEO Warden has been working with the company for 11 years on average and over 20 years on average in the correctional industry.

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BI Incorporated Education Assistance Program

In addition to the above, BI Incorporated offers an Education Assistance Program that is available to full-time BI employees with at least one year of service. Employees can take advantage of this benefit by first completing an application process, then enrolling in the approved degreed program and accredited college. Each employee enrolled in this program can receive up to $3,500 a year in reimbursements based on the grades they receive. Employees can access the necessary forms via the GEO Care Intranet or contact Human Resources.”