Delivering safe and secure transportation, with service second to none.

GEO’s in-house transportation division, GEO Transport, Inc. (GTI) provides armed, secure transportation services to federal, state and local government agencies in the United States and internationally. With the flexibility and resources to provide both ground and air transfer services, GTI helps government customers meet their increasing need for secure transportation. GEO Transport has over 400 special secure compliant vehicles and have successfully transported over 3.4 million passengers since its inception. GTI is authorized as a U.S. Department of Transportation regulated motor carrier. DOT License #1705757.

GTI’s secure transportation operations are co-located with facilities operated by GEO, supporting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. GTI operates within the strict regulatory compliance established by law and various federal and state agencies to include the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and customer secure transportation standards. GTI has successfully passed every USDOT compliance inspection as well as federal and state fire arms certifications.

GTI operates a fleet of customized secure transport vehicles and provides unmatched support services, including:

  • Special secure USDOT compliant vehicles
  • Licensed and armed transportation officers
  • Strategically located transportation centers nationwide
  • Proprietary GPS satellite tracking software (GEOTrack)
  • Two-way communications, in-vehicle recording, and continuous vehicle monitoring
  • Constant communication link with all service vehicles
  • Ground support to book and re-route vehicles in real time



Licensed and Armed Transportation Officers


Secure DOT-Compliant Vehicles

50 States

Secure Transportation Licensed To Operate

GPS Satellite Tracking

All Vehicles Are equipped with GPS Satellite Tracking & Video

In 2007, the GEO Group, Inc., (GEO) established our in-house transportation subsidiary GEO Transport Inc. GTI’s mission is to help meet our customer’s increasing demand for secure transportation services. GTI has experience in both land and air charter of secured mass movements, and to date has successfully transported over 2.25 million passengers over 33.4 million miles with fully qualified and DOT licensed correctional officers.

GTI is authorized as a U.S. Department of Transportation for hire motor carrier, USDOT license #1705757. Additionally, GTI is an approved guard and transport service provider with the General Service Administration contract #GS07F192DA. Over the past 10 years, GTI has mobilized transport operations in over 50 locations both domestically and internationally. In 2011 through the demonstrated experience in secure transportation services GEO was awarded the largest transportation and court service contract ever issued by the UK’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for England and Wales. Our commitment to our government clients is to fully integrate our staff, vehicles, and technology into tailored solutions. GTI provides best value through exceptional fleet management, efficient route planning, DOT compliance, proper training of drivers/guards and partnering with the client through the entire process. GTI offers these comprehensive and unique services with the goal of creating a strong, lasting partnership.

Where GEO Transport Operates and Their Clients

*Blue States are states GEO Transport currently operates in* Licensed to operate in all 50 states

  1. Northwest ICE Processing Center, Tacoma, WA
    • 1a.NIPC Transportation Satellite, Medford & Portland, OR
    • 1b.NIPC Transportation Satellite, Yakima, WA
  2. Western Region Detention Facility, San Diego, CA
  3. Adelanto ICE Processing Center, Adelanto, CA
  4. Aurora ICE Processing Center, Aurora, CO
  5. Rio Grande Processing Center, Laredo, TX
  6. Val Verde County Detention Facility, Del Rio, TX
  7. South Texas ICE Processing Center, Pearsall, TX
  8. Karnes Family Staging Center, Karnes City, TX
  9. Karnes County Detention Facility, Karnes City, TX
  10. Joe Corley Processing Center, Conroe, TX
  11. LaSalle ICE Processing Center, Jena, LA
  12. Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility, Lovejoy, GA
  13. D. Ray James Correctional Facility, Folkston, GA
  1. Broward Transitional Center, Pompano, FL
  2. Rivers Correctional Facility, Winston, NC
  3. New Castle Correctional Facility, New Castle, IN
  4. Moshannon Valley Correctional Center, Philipsburg, PA
  5. Queens Detention Facility, Jamaica, NY
  6. Riverbend Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility, Milledgeville, GA
  7. Big Spring Correctional Facility, Big Spring, TX
  8. Great Plains Correctional Facility, Hinton, OK
  9. North Lake Correctional Facility, Baldwin, MI
  10. Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center, Pine Prairie, LA
  11. East Hidalgo Detention Center, LaVilla, TX
  12. Coastal Bend Detention Center, Robstown, TX
  13. Brooks County Detention Center, Falfurrias, TX
  14. Folkston ICE Processing Center, GA
  15. Kinney County Detention Center, Brackettville, TX

GTI Air Operations
GTI Air Operations

When ground transportation is not practicable, GTI has an established secure air transportation unit to meet our customer needs. GTI’s Air Transportation Unit’s sole responsibility is to conduct air transportation missions in the most secure, safe and efficient way possible.

GTI’s Air Operation flight staff is highly experienced and are independently certified in the industry’s standards. GTI’s Air Transport Unit has successfully completed numerous air transport missions on behalf of federal agencies and several State Departments of Corrections.