GEO believes that inmates and detainees should be given the greatest opportunity to improve their health and welfare through rehabilitation and educational programs. To this end, GEO has adapted nationally recognized cognitive behavior programs and other evidence-based programs designed to rehabilitate offenders while in detention. GEO offers a wide array of educational programming, including GED and Pre-GED programs, Adult Basic Education, Special Education, English as a Second Language courses, Post-Secondary Programs, and Library Services. In addition, GEO’s correctional and detention facilities offer programs focusing on life and work skills, vocational training, substance abuse treatment, self-help, recreational activities, and religious and faith-based programs.


30,000+ Daily Participating in Evidence Based programming Worldwide

10,000 GEDs

In the past ten years, GEO has awarded more than 10,000 GEDs through the company’s in-prison academic programs

40,000 Inmates

Over the last decade, approximately 40,000 inmates have achieved completion certificates from a variety of GEO vocational programs.

100,000 Inmates

Through GEO’s treatment services, over 100,000 inmates have completed substance abuse and therapeutic programs in the last decade.

Below is a list of programs offered by The GEO Group: