Residential Reentry

Residential reentry centers are just one of the many ways we help individuals reenter the community after incarceration. In addition to the positive impact the centers have on residents, agencies are able to develop a program that works best for their needs, reduce costs, and promote public safety. 

Fostering a Better Transition
When participants—especially individuals incarcerated for long periods—are released to communities, they may face challenges. GEO Reentry Services has been entrusted by some of the largest U.S. correctional agencies to operate community-based residential facilities. We combine our extensive experience operating secure facilities with our knowledge of evidence-based practices, case management, and treatment to enhance the individual’s transition. 

A Phased Approach to Reentry 
While individuals think they are ready for community life, few are after incarceration. Our residential facilities use step-down levels of supervision, rewarding residents with increased freedom based on positive performance. Residents progress from a controlled environment to increased community involvement as they seek work, attend appointments, rebuild positive relationships, and earn independence. At each step, staff ensures program compliance. 

Residents live in a highly structured environment with closed-circuit security cameras, an electronic sign in/out system for client accountability, 24-hour custodial care, and drug and alcohol testing to monitor sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle. Staff focus on delivering a high level of resident accountability while maintaining a safe and positive environment.