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Media Resources

GEO is committed to having a positive working relationship with all media representatives. Our policy is to respond to all media inquiries, even if we cannot accommodate their specific requests, due to security, confidentiality, or client requirements. The following information is designed to better guide media representatives to the best information source for any inquiries.


Corporate Office: Inquiries to GEO's Corporate Office regarding overall company operations, management, and/or investor relations should be submitted in writing to

Facilities: Inquiries regarding information on a specific GEO-operated facility should be submitted in writing to

Inmates: GEO does not have the direct authority to permit inmate interviews. Approval must be granted by the governing agency of jurisdiction, GEO, and the inmate in writing. A written request must be submitted to the appropriate government jurisdiction, with a copy submitted to the facility's Administrator.

Facility Tours

Tour of any GEO-Operated facility must be approved by the governing agency of jurisdiction and GEO. Once approved, the appropriate facility personnel will provide the necessary guidelines and rules prior to the tour to include; but not be limited to; proper attire, identification, and items prohibited into the facility. Facility tour requests should be submitted in writing to