The Leader in Community-Based Programs Proven to Reduce Recidivism

GEO Reentry Services is the nation’s leader in community-based programs and reentry services for offenders released to community treatment and supervision. As part of the GEO Care division, GEO Reentry Services delivers treatment and supervision programs to offenders transitioning to or currently living in the community. These services provide a lower cost community-based programs, hold individuals accountable, and promote successful community reintegration with evidence-based practices.

GEO Reentry is a division of GEO Care offering a nationwide capability to treat and support culturally unique, vulnerable populations through intensive in-custody, residential, and community-based treatment and support services. . The GEO approach offers programs tailored to pretrial, parole, probation, in-custody populations and those involved in immigration proceedings. The programs vary from in-custody and intensive residential treatment, to community-based correctional services and day reporting centers.

The GEO Reentry approach offers evidence-based programs that provide a lower cost community-based programs, hold individuals accountable, and promote successful community reintegration. GEO Reentry Services is committed to providing an integrated and holistic delivery of individual treatment programming to offender populations, both in-custody and while under supervision in the community.

GEO Reentry’s flexible options include:


In-Custody Programs


GEO provides evidence-based, in-custody programs and services that are delivered while inmates are still incarcerated. In-custody programs have the advantage of engaging participants in programming before their release when they are committed to making changes and practicing their new skills before reentering the community.

The in-custody treatment and training programs deliver many of the treatment and training classes delivered in community-based DRCs, including evidence-based treatment and training designed to change criminal thinking and behavior.


Residential Programs



GEO Reentry offers residential programs nationwide that deliver temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services for adult offenders. These facilities develop self-sufficiency and behavior change using evidence-based practices supporting correctional agencies with an alternative to custody or as residential programs is to return responsible, productive men and women to their families and communities through a structured approach that minimizes recidivism and maximizes offenders’ chance of successful reentry.

Offenders who reside in a residential facility are subjected to a highly structured environment with closed-circuit security cameras, an electronic sign in/out system for client accountability, 24-hour custodial care, and drug and alcohol testing to monitor sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle. Center staff focus on delivering a high level of resident accountability while maintaining a safe and positive environment.